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Monday, June 21, 2010

Wildlife sightings.

Babies, babies, babies.....took a drive to Cudworth Sunday and spotted a moose and her baby half a mile from home, and saw a deer and her baby in a clearing along the highway. Today we saw a baby chipmunk for the first time...the chipmunks have been here with us ever since we moved here and this is the first year we have ever seen one of the young before it was full grown. So cute...
The other morning looked out the window and saw a raccoon coming out of the bluff of trees by the house. We made a lot of noise, so he knew we had seen him, as we don't really want him hanging around as they can be very destructive. He took off into the bluff right away. They are a beautiful animal.
The greenhouses are almost empty.....whoohooo, which means all is planted...almost.
Have a little bit yet to get in the ground. This week we are concentrating on weeding and then laying the mulch to keep the weeds down and the moisture in.

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