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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mamma deer and baby.

This morning when we got up we looked out the window and saw the resident deer with her baby in the front yard. Every year we have been out here, there has been one deer raising her fawn in the bluff next to the house. She doesn't let us see the baby too often, but some years, by chance, we get a glimpse.
Seen a few different birds the last couple of days. A family of Cedar waxwings is in the garden next to the garage. They are not timid of us and fly in and out of the lilac trees probably eating the lilac petals. Also saw a couple of brilliant yellow warblers in the peony garden. They were landing on the peony buds and eating something off the buds (probably the ants or other insects that like the nectar the buds produce). The young robins are not timid of us either and will hang around where we are, looking for insects and worms on the ground.
Had another whirlwind day of planting yesterday. Transplanted herbs, annual flowers, finally finished the tomatoes, and seeded a few more vegetables for succession crops.
We are heading off to market today with the plants. Today will be the final day of sales for dahlias and some of the annuals.
The picture today is a cosmo called Double Click. Likes full sun and great for cut flowers.

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