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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

August 2013 Wedding

Melanie contacted us via e-mail after finding us by searching the internet.  We conversed throughout the winter, sending photos and ideas back and forth.  By the end of the winter we pretty much had figured out what flowers would fit into their colour scheme.
Melanie, Emile and their Mom's came out to the farm a couple of weeks prior to the wedding and toured the gardens.  They finalized the flowers they liked and what would work for the bout's, bouquets and centrepieces.  Throughout our walk in the gardens Emile kept commenting how much he liked the Sunflowers and wanted a boutonniere made with a Sunflower.  So we made a small bouquet of sunflowers, just for Emile, and delivered it along with the wedding flowers.

The Boutonniere's consisted of Gomphrena, Sedum, Juncus grass, Baby's Breath and Stock.

The flowers ready for delivery.
We needed a lot of soft pink flowers for this wedding, as you can see.   We ended up cutting flowers the morning of the wedding, before we headed off to the market, in the light of dawn.  We were able to find enough flowers that were ready for picking that morning to finish off the mason jar centrepieces.  That's cutting it close!

The blue mason jars consisted of Dahlias, Cosmos, Sweet Peas, Bell's of Ireland, Zinnias, Frosted Explosion Grass and Queen Anne's Lace.  We delivered and set up the centrepieces.

Notice the playdough for the children on the chairs.

My daughter Mandy, helped me set up the flowers at the wedding venue and took a few photos with our point and shoot camera.

Once the flowers were on the tables they really transformed the room.

Lots of details.

Bridesmaid bouquet.
The bouquets consisted of Dahlias, Baby's Breath, Dusty Miller, Bachelor Buttons and Hydrangea. 
Professional photos courtesy of "Flash'On Photography".


Pretty in pink.

Emile's boutonniere.

We created a flower crown for the flower girl and she carried a basket of flower petals. 


I love this photo!

Thank you for choosing Mistik Acres to be part of your wedding Melanie & Emile!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

August 2013 Wedding

Meet Stephanie and Landon!

When Stephanie and her friend came by the farm to pick out flowers I remember it was an extremely hot day as we cruised around the flower gardens, picking out the colours and types of flowers they liked.  They wanted orange and lime green, so they decided on Dahlias, Zinnias, and Bells of Ireland along with a little bit of blue (Sea Holly) and pink.

They found an old farmsite in the area as one of the locations for photos. 
So fun! 

Great choice of colours.  They look fantastic with the girl's dresses.
Looks like they are all having a great time.

All lined up!

Great shot Mandy!

Mandy suggested our flower gardens would be a unique location for wedding photos.
This is the Sweet Pea Garden.

The bride and groom among the Dahlias.

Landon was a trooper as I am sure he was sweltering in his suit as it was an extremely hot day.



Mandy was even able to capture a bee in this photo.  Love it!  Had to include in the post.
The bling is fabulous as well.

We were very honored to share our flowers and gardens with you. 
 Congratulations Stephanie and Landon!!!! 
All photo credits Memories by Mandy Photography.

Porcupine adventure.

We usually have at least one porcupine whom finds our yard each winter and can't resist the tasty Silver Leaf Willow trees.  If we allow the porcupine to feast it eventually kills the trees.  It does not take too long for the rodents to do enough damage that it permanently affects the trees.  Lost an ornamental Crabapple last winter. 

Pat is using a long piece of wood to get the porcupine out of the willow tree.  They are very stubborn and not intimidated by humans, so it took a lot of coaxing to get it out of the tree and out in the open.

Finally, it had had enough and started walking away from the area.  We then placed a barrel over it, (thankfully they can't run too quickly) and tilted the barrel on an angle and pushed the porcupine in the barrel with the piece of wood.  All this time Max (our dog) was barking in a very high pitch and darting around.  He was very excited, but did not try to get too close.  Maybe he had an encounter with one before.

Success!!!!  We had captured the rodent without harming it and there was no way it was able to climb up the smooth sides of the barrel.  We loaded the barrel onto the back of the truck and Pat relocated him several miles away.
Until the next one.......