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Friday, June 18, 2010

Bluebirds take flight!

We were out in the field garden cutting greens for market and the young bluebirds were out of the nesting box flying around. One almost flew into us. So far we see 4 young birds out of the box, which the adults are still feeding, plus they are also feeding birds inside the box as well. Lots of babies...they must have known that there was going to be lots of insects around this year, to feed the little ones.
Very, very humid day today....and it is sunny!!!!!!! It is so lush and green right now.
Busy getting ready for market in Saskatoon on Saturday Jun 19. We will have fresh onions, mint, lettuce and spinach available along with the perennials, succulents, hypertufa's and birdhouses. Be sure to enter the draw for Father's Day, a gift basket with items donated from the vendors of the Saskatoon Farmers Market. Enter the draw at the Little market Store. Good Luck!!!!!!

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