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Monday, June 14, 2010

Drying out!!!

It is amazing how after all that rain, after a day of sun and wind we are able to get back to planting. We worked away at that yesterday and also cultivated the thistle growing everywhere. It loves this weather and is very aggressive. It seems to grow 6 inches a day.
We finished up planting in the field garden...and will continue today in the other areas and get those filled up. Still have about 100 tomatoes and peppers to find space for, plus the zinnias, dahlias, herbs and a variety of other flowers.
Found another bird nest yesterday in the field garden. It is a type of sparrow, I think, and it nests on the ground hidden under a lily plant among the straw. They are incubating 3 eggs.
Well, best get going and get as much finished before the rain comes again.

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