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Friday, June 25, 2010

Tiger Swallowtail.

The tiger Swallowtail butterfly is busy gathering nectar from the lilacs. They always arrive when the lilacs are in bloom. The picture is a male swallowtail, whereas the female looks totally different. We cannot say that we have ever seen the female swallowtail.
We had a very busy week weeding and mulching with old straw bales and grass clippings. We have probably completed half of the gardens and will continue next week. We completed the transplanting yesterday afternoon, just before the rain came. Any ground that is not planted at this point will be seeded with buckwheat next week as a green manure crop.
The peonies are the queen of the garden right now. My goodness we have never seen them so tall and so full of buds. We cut them in the 'marshmallow stage' and store them in the cooler out of water. When we want them to open we give them a fresh cut and put them into warm water and they keep for a week.
We will have fresh lettuce, onions, and mint this week for market along with the perennials, succulents and hypertufa's.

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