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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Whole lot of plantin' going on...

Wow, we had a busy day yesterday. All day, starting at 6:00am...till late at night, trying to plant as much as we could while the soil was dry enough. Not having to water the plants as you plant them, saves a lot of time. Overnight last night it rained, so they will settle in nicely. Also cloudy days are perfect for transplanting...reduces the stress on the plants, as opposed to planting on a sunny day.
All total we transplanted 140 tomatoes, 110 peppers, 50 dahlias, gladiola's, cosmos, statice, verbena, zinnias, amaranthus, broomcorn, and strawflowers.
The old body is feeling the effects of the day as well.
There is still more flowers, tomatoes, peppers and squash that we have to plant, but will have to wait for the ground to dry up again. We are not attending the farmers market this week Wednesday, as we want to lay mulch, weed, dig canada thistle, and hopefully plant the squash.
The picture I have included today is a Sea Holly plant with a honey bee busy gathering it's food. The honey bee's will be here in large numbers once the lilac's start opening. Will try to get some pictures to post.
Enjoy the rain...till next time.

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