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We hope you are able to form a connection with us, and the products we grow and produce on the land we live and work with.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Summer Workshops

We are so excited to be able to offer and host Workshops this summer.
The first two we have scheduled are Flower Farming Workshops on August 9 and another on August 24th.
These workshops are not only geared toward growing flowers on a larger scale but also will be very useful information for the home gardener.

The workshop on August 9th will feature detailed instruction on creating a hand held flower bouquet by Angelina of Hawthorn Floral Atelier.

The Aug 24th workshop will not include instruction of a bouquet but you will cut flowers from the gardens to take home with you.

We will walk through the gardens discussing the methods and processes we use to grow over 175 varieties of flowers and greens.  We will be sharing lots of detailed information and encourage lots of questions from the attendee's.

I have included links to the workshops on Eventbrite and on our Faceboook page.

As the gardens grow and mature we hope to offer tours of the gardens this summer.  These walkabouts would be geared towards individuals whom are not interested in learning about the growing of cut flowers.

Sunday, May 12, 2019

2019 Spring Plant Sale

Thursday May 30 4pm - 8pm in Saskatoon
309 Mount Allison Court

It was a long winter and I seemed to have planted a little more than we need at the farm so we are having a Spring plant sale of specialty cutting varieties.  Most of everything we will have on offer can be used for cut flowers.  The varieties we grow are specific for the purpose of cut flower production and you will not generally find these selections at your local greenhouses.  Available are Perennials, Biennials, Annuals, Succulents and a few veggies.

*Please feel free to preorder via email at mistikacres@gmail.com, as many plants are limited.*
Payment accepted - cash, cheque and e-transfer.

We will also be bringing:
Herbs - Basil, Rosemary and Thyme
Peppers - Jalapeno, Cayenne, Paprika and Green
Tomatoes - Heirloom varieties
Squash - Spaghetti, Pumpkins, and Jarrhdale
Sweet Siberian Watermelon

$12.00 each
Dahlia's are the most loved plants here at the farm and we grow lots of them and I have many varieties available to purchase.  These plants are started in March and receive a lot of time and attention.  Unless noted they grow to a height of 3-4'.  They should be staked to protect them from any summer storms or strong winds.  Full to part sun.  The plants are all growing in gallon pots and have been hardened off and ready to be planted in your gardens.  

Alloway Candy


Creme de Cognac 2' tall


Lyn's Louise

Snoho Sonia

David Howard

Gord's Cherries

Jowey Mirella

Lyn's Merlot 2 

Shiloh Noelle - Dinnerplate (Limited)

Petra's Wedding - 2" bloom

Blue Boy - 6-8" bloom

Rock Star

Stillwater Krista


Orange Nugget 2' tall


Cafe au Lait - Dinnerplate (limited)

Dark Butterfly

Islander - Dinnerplate

Jowey Marilyn

We have many varieties potted in gallon pots.  Asiatics, LA Hybrids (a cross between an Easter Lily and Asiatic, which produces larger flowers than the asiatics with only a slight to no fragrance.  Hardiness zone is 4, but we have successfully overwintered all of the LA Hybrids we have trialed), OT Hybrid (cross between Oriental and Trumpet Lilies, hardiness zone 4), Tiger Lily and Martagon Lily.  Please google for photos.

The following are the varieties we will have available to purchase:

Tiger Lily $8.00 each - pink (2 available) 

Asiatic Lilies - $8.00 each
   Netty's Pride
   Forever Susan
   Monte Negro
   New Wave - maximum height 20-22"

OT Hybrid Lily $8.00 each - Touchstone

LA Hybrid Lily $8.00 each
   Original Love
   Bach (1 only)

Martagon Lily $15.00  
Martagons make a lovely addition to any garden, with amazing longevity, often living undisturbed in clumps for may years unlike Asiatic Lilies which require splitting and dividing frequently.   They will grow in full sun or part shade.  Some people feel you will see more flowers if planted in full sun.  Most varieties sport many flowers on tall stems, an average of 4'.  Martagons are known to 'pout' after being disturbed, so it is no surprise when a bulb sends up no growth or very little growth it's first year in a new home.  Patience is key with Martagon Lilies.
The following 2 varieties are available in limited quantities.
   Manitoba Morning
   Arabian Night
Landini Asiatic Lily

Prices are by size of container or otherwise noted.
1 gallon $10.00
2 gallon $12.00
Rudbeckia Green Wizard
 Perennial Rudbeckia growing up to 3' producing brown pods which are great fresh cut or dried.  Birds love the seed heads if left on throughout the winter.  Full sun. 

Fragrant edible herb growing to 5'.  Celery like flavour, used in soups etc. 
Full sun.  We grow it for the beautiful flowers.

SOLD OUT for 2019
Cephalaria gigantea - perennial scabiosa
Grows to 4' tall with an open airy habit.  Drought tolerant.  Full sun.
We cut the flowers in bud, full bloom and seed stage.  Beautiful light yellow.

Lamium - |Yellow Archangel
Mounding habit growing to about 12".  Full sun to shade.
I vase tested the flowers/foliage and they hold up great.

Preorder Only
Allium - clumping variety unsure of name.
Grows in full sun to a height of 18".  The flowers make a great cut flower.
We will dig clumps by request.  Potted plants are sold out.

Campunala glomerata Freya
Non invasive campunala putting on a beautiful display.
Grows to 2'.  Full to part sun.

Centaurea montana - perennial cornflower
Blooms in June growing to 2'.  Full sun.

Dianthus knappii Yellow Harmony
Soft yellow in colour.
Grows to 18".  Full sun.

Hen and Chicks $5.00

Allium Drumstick 
Plenty of bulbs per container.  Full sun. 

Heather Calluna vulgaris $8.00
Low growing perennial Hardy to Zone 4.
I brought these plants in this Spring because I love them and I have extra's to share.
I am going to treat mine as an annual and bonus if it overwinters.  They like acidic soil so you could add peat moss to the planting hole.  Would also look great in pots.

Drought tolerant growing to 3'.  Great cut for fresh or dried.

Red Spire Grass
We love this easy to grow perennial grass.  Makes a great cut in early July.  If you let it go to seed you will have babies.  Grows to 2.5'.  Full sun.

Aconitum Carmichaelii Arendsii
Fall blooming monkshood growing to 3'.  Prefers moist soil, part to full shade.  I have mine in full sun and it does well.

Red Rhubarb 1 and 2 gallon containers
Unknown variety which was established on our farm when we moved here.  We also grow the Canada Red Rhubarb, but I prefer this one for the flavour.
Contact us if you would like to purchase, as I have a few potted but can certainly dig more if there is demand.

Soloman Seal $12.00
Shade to part sun.  Produces it's blooms in June to early July.
A remarkable cutflower.  Very limited quantities.

Yarrow Summer Berries
Drought tolerant when established.  Grows to 2.5' in full sun.
Great cutflower in an array of colours. 
$5.00 for a 5" container

Update SOLD OUT!!!
Let me know if you are interested in purchasing as I can bring more in next Spring!!!!
Itoh Peonies are rare and unusual hybrids between Garden Peonies and Tree Peonies.  Hardy to zone 3.
This variety is new to me this year, so I thought I would offer a couple of plants and plant a couple for myself.  Can't wait to see these flowers.
$45.00 Only 2 available.

Monkshood bicolour

Monkshood purple and bicolour.
Grows to 3', full sun.
We will be offering this plant in $10.00 clumps which can be divided into 3-4 smaller plantings.  We will dig these on demand, so please contact us if you would like to purchase a clump of two of any of solid or bicolour plants.


Edible herb, but I grow it to attract the beneficial insects to the garden.  The second year it produces it's flowers and seed heads and then dies.  I do allow it to self seed so I always have a continual crop of first and 2nd year plants.  Grows to 4-5' with a 2-3' spread.  Full to part sun.

Hollyhock, black
Grows to 5', producing flowers in the 2nd year and then dispersing seed.  Many seedlings available.
Short lived cut flower.  Great landscape plant.

Lunaria Sissinghurst White- Money Plant
First year the plant grows to 12" and then second year it produces the flowers as you see above and then the seed heads pictured below.  The flowers cut as fresh and the seed heads are great for drying and everlasting designs.

Disks dried of the Lunaria.


Digiplexis Illumination Flame
$15.00 one gallon container
Flowers nonstop till frost in Autumn.  This plant has a bushy, shrubby habit, with numerous lateral shoots produced throughout the season.  Vigorous growth and rapid flowering.  Plants can grow up to 3' tall and 2 feet wide.  Digiplexis needs full sun to perform well, and fertile evenly moist soil.  The blooms can be used as cut flowers.  A great showstopper for larger containers.  Fertilize regularly and remove old flower spikes to encourage rebloom.

Digiplexis Illumination Raspberry 
$15.00 one gallon container
The sister plant to Illumination Flame.  Grows to 16".  Grow as Illumination Flame.

Foxglove Dalmation Peach 
$4.00 each 3.5" container
First year flowering Foxglove.
Part to full sun and likes moisture.  Once the first flower spike is cut it will continually develop more spikes throughout the summer.  Do not allow it to go to seed or it will stop blooming.  The first spike can be up to 30" and subsequent spikes will be 12-18".  Long lasting cut flower.

Rudbeckia Chim Chiminee 
$4.00 each 3.5" container
I love this variety of Rudbeckia.  It produces all sorts of colours and sizes of flowers.
Grows to 2.5' and loves full sun.

Rudbeckia Cherokee Sunset 
$4.00 each 3.5" container
Another fav of mine.  August blooming. 2.5' tall.

Bronze Fennel 
$3.00 each 2.5"container
This plant is a beautiful contrast of dark ferny foliage and beautiful yellow blooms.
Edible with a licorice fragrance and grows to 3-4' tall.

Daucus Carota - Chocolate Lace 
$3.00 each 2.5" container
Grows to 3-4' in full sun.  Great accent flower with a unique colouring.  

$3.00 - 4 pack
Madame Butterfly and Potomac varieties in various colours.
Grows to 2' and produces multi stems of florets.
Full sun.

Scabiosa atropurpurea 
Black Knight, Salmon Queen, Snow Maiden
$2.00 each 2" container
Grows to 2' and continually produces blooms if it is not allowed to go to set seed.  So harvest often or deadhead.  Full sun.

Tower Chamois Aster Salmon 
$2.00 each 2" container
Grows to 18" producing blooms in August.  Long lasting cut flower.
Beautiful pastel colouring.

Back to Black Viola 
$3.00 each 3.5" container
Edible Flowers of a deep deep purple taking on the appearance of black.
Deadhead for continual bloom throughout the summer.  Compact plants at 6" planted in groupings.

Bunny Tail Grass
4 pack $3.00
Grows to 12" in full sun.  Great fresh cut or dried.

Pennisetum Villosum Feathertop Grass 
$4.00 each 4" container
Grows to 18"-24" in full sun.  Great fresh cut.

Tomatillo - Toma Verde 
$4.00 each 5" container
Full sun and best staked with a tomato cage as they sprawl.
The information we have read is you require more than one plant for pollination as the flowers of the plants are self sterile.  This is our first year growing.
We plan to harvest the stems for fresh cuts once the husks have developed.