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Friday, May 28, 2010

Tree planting and the birds.

We couldn't work in the garden due to the moisture, so we planted some trees in the yard. We planted a couple of sour cherry trees, couple of currants and 4 willow trees we had rooted from cuttings last year. The rain should get them off to a good start. Before it started raining this morning we planted sunflowers, zinnias, wheat and a few gladiola bulbs.
While we were planting we were listening and observing the prairie chickens in the silver leaf willow's. We figure they are nesting among the trees. We also spotted a couple of other birds yesterday. One was a vibrant orange and had a beautiful loud song..we think it may have been an Oriole, and the other one was brilliant yellow, a bit different than the American Goldfinch...we think it may have been a warbler of some kind. We hope they stick around for the summer.

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