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Friday, May 14, 2010

Planting time.

Busy time out here for the next while. We have lots of moisture now, so all the seeding and transplanting that will be completed over the next couple of weeks should be successful.
Some of the leeks were transplanted earlier this week and yesterday the sweet peas and snapdragons were planted. Some of the potatoes were planted on Tuesday and we will be seeding carrots, beets, and onions today. The radish, kohlrabi, and bunching onions have germinated and should really grow with the warm weather forcast for the week.
We are at the Saskatoon Farmers Market on Sat with all our plant material. The tomatoes and pepper plants look fantastic. We have many new perennials, 5 different dahlias, as well as our succulents and hypertufa planters.
Update regarding the killdeer nesting....the eggs are now gone and the parents have left that area of the yard. They have moved to a different area now, but we have not seen the babies at all yet. We hope they were successful in hatching and have not been eaten by predators.

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