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Monday, May 10, 2010

It is cool and wet this morning, will have to wait to plant the potatoes till it dries a bit. We built two sweet pea fences yesterday. We will transplant the sweet peas later this week. It looks great. Will have a bigger supply of flowers to sell at the Farmers Market this summer. They are always in high demand.

The birds are busy building nests, going through the mating rituals. We hung about 15 birdhouses this spring and it looks like they are just about all claimed. The sparrows and tree swallows are battling it out for a couple of houses. The bluebirds are incubating their eggs....it is so nice to see the male bluebird around. He is still a vibrant blue from his mating period.

The air is very active with geese flying over and the cranes are floating overhead with their distinct call.

Lots of activity here in the Spring.

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