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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Rain, rain, rain!!!!!

But we aren't complaining....
We water our gardens with rainwater we collect from the roof's of our house and garage. In total we can store about 4500 gallons of water, and all the tanks are filled to capacity. But on the other hand, right now it takes about 135 gallons per day to water the plants in the greenhouse.
We will be at the Saskatoon Farmers Market Wed May 26 with our plants. Perennials, annuals, tomatoes, peppers, succulents and dahlias.
It looks like Thursday is full moon, so after that we should not get frost anymore (cross your fingers), so the planting will really kick into high gear. We transplant a lot of plants...flowers and vegetables.
I would like to pass along a tip for planting tomatoes....plant as much of the stem of the plant as possible. You can even lay the tomato on it's side in the planting hole, and the next day the top of the plant (above ground) will have straightened up. The reason you want to do this is so the tomato can develop roots along the stem, which will make for a healthier plant. Use bonemeal and or compost in the planting hole.
Happy planting.

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