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Monday, May 31, 2010

Northern Oriole.

We are crossing our fingers that the orioles will make their home here. We see them every day now and we hear them all the time. They have a very distinct, loud song which we can even hear in the house when they are singing in the bluff nearby.
The barn swallows are busy creating a nest in the quonset again. They do this every year, but unfortunately the babies usually fall out of the nest shortly after they are born. Have noticed this for a couple of years now.
In the valley by our house their is a slough that has grown considerably since the rain and a couple of mallards are incubating their eggs.
We checked out the gardens yesterday and were pleasantly surprised that the seeds are all germinating in this cool weather. The amount of rainfall we have had is considerably less as to some other areas, so once the sun comes out and the breezes start we will be back in the gardens again in no time.

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