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Friday, June 24, 2011

Insects galore!

The rain is lightly falling and the temperature is warm....what a lovely summer morning.  We are really enjoying the abundance of birds singing their beautiful songs.  We have also noticed a huge increase in the insect populations.  The aphids are really multiplying, so hopefully the predatory insects will start balancing out the population.  This year we are planting a lot more Calendula and Angelica, which encourage beneficial insects.  Some of which are, minute pirate bugs for thrip control, syrphids for aphids, and micro-wasps that parasitize aphids.  There are a multitude of flies/wasps in various sizes, and colours.  The big yellow and black bumblebee population has exploded this year.  The raspberry patch right now is a very loud hum with the various bees and flying insects.  It looks like we will have a bumper crop of raspberries, if the amount of bees pollinating, is any indication.
Everything is growing vigorously with the rain and warm temperatures.  We will complete the last of the transplanting this week and then the harvesting begins.  Right now the peonies are being cut in the bud stage (feels soft like a marshmallow) and then wrapped and stored in the cooler out of water.  They are given a fresh cut and placed in warm water when needed for sales to the florists and at the Saskatoon Farmers Market. They keep in the cooler wrapped and out of water for about a month.  This greatly extends the peony season, as the flowers tend to all open within a couple of weeks.
We will have fresh lettuce and green onions this week at the market, as well as the perennials, succulents and tomatoes.  Fresh flowers will include the Peonies (Queen of all flowers), and small bouquets of Sweet Williams.  We have a couple of specials this week.  A decorative outdoor plant called Elephant Ears, grown for it's large, tropical looking foliage, which prefers part sun and likes to be kept moist.  On sale this week for $5.00, regular price $8.00, in gallon pots.  The peppers, ( Cayenne, Jalapeno, and Fat n' Sassy - sweet green) are buy one get one free.  So if you have any room on the deck for pots or space in the garden, stop by and try a couple of the specials.

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