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Friday, July 1, 2011

Summer in full swing.

Another week has passed and the gardens are really starting to grow with the warm weather we have had these lase few days along with the abundant moisture.  Everything is now transplanted and some of the beds are weeded and mulched.  Lots of weeding and mulching yet to complete.

The delphiniums are looking grand and starting to open.

The Peony harvest is now complete and they are all wrapped up and stored in the cooler.  They are given a fresh cut and placed in warm water for sales at the market and to the florists.  As you can see below there are plenty of blooms that are still on the plants.  Had to stop harvesting due to lack of cooler space.  Right now the peony patch looks spectacular.  The bees and other pollen loving insects are enjoying the flowers left on the plants.

The picture below is a plant that is self seeding itself in our rock garden.  I am not sure what it is.  It seems to act as a biennial.  I bought this plant a few years ago and it had no identification.  The flower is yellow and my guess is a cornflower or scabiosa.  If anyone knows what this is please e-mail me to help me identify it.  I love the plant.  Right now they are about 4.5' tall and will start blooming soon. Will post more pictures of them in full bloom.

Below are a couple of pictures of the rock garden, my favorite place.  The hens & chicks, sedums and thyme are all doing very well.

This week there are more and more baby birds starting to take flight.  The ravens are flying about with their young ones.  The Robins are on their own now, searching for food and flying around the yard.  The Tree Swallows are increasing in numbers.  They tend to flock together and fly around in bunches.  What a sight that is, with twenty to thirty birds in a bunch exploring the yard, and catching insects.  The baby Bluebirds are out and about now as well.  They have this very soft sound they make and generally the adults don't make this sound that much, but the young bluebirds are chatting all the time.  Sometimes we spend more time watching the birds than we do mulching and weeding.
Happy Canada Day everyone.  Safe travels this weekend.

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