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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rain delay!

Well, we have had a few days off at Mistik Acres due to the rain.  We did not receive ridiculous amounts like some areas of the province, about an inch and a quarter this past week.  So today we were planting in late afternoon once the soil dried a bit.  We normally wouldn't plant when the soil is as wet as it is, but would really like to have everything in the ground before the next rain comes on Friday.
Our grandchildren were visiting this week and enjoyed catching the frogs, and hunting for birds nests.  They were able to peek at a nest of baby robins in the quonset.  We started to cut peonies this week and had lots of help from Kristan (our 5 year old granddaughter).  She loves to pick flowers and put them in vases.

Enjoy the first days of summer.

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