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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sunday opening at the Saskatoon Farmers Market.

Planting is progressing along quite well.  We had some rain last weekend which really aided the germination of the seeds.  We started eating radishes, spinach and onions.  Nothing like a fresh vegetable from the garden.

Trollius (Orange Princess) blooming.

Started transplanting the new perennials I acquired this year, all great for cut flowers.  Some of which include the Chrysanthemum (Morden series, developed in Manitoba), Delphinium Blue Lace (New Millenium series),  False Indigo (perennial plant of the year for 2010), Yellow Cornflower and Russian Sage.  Another new perennial for us this year is pictured below.  The Itoh Peony Bartzella.  All of the perennials are available at the Saskatoon Farmers Market Saturday from 8-2 and new this year Sunday from 10-3.  We have approximately 50+ varieties of perennials jammed onto our display tables, including the Fernleaf Peony and a white, fragrant herbaceous peony.

A lot of the perennials I like to grow are drought tolerant, so once they are established they will require minimal watering.  Once established means for the first year growing in your garden you must, keep the plants well watered.  This means a really good drink every few days for the first couple of weeks and then once a week for the rest of the summer if it does not rain.  Once it has survived it's first winter there should be minimal supplemental watering needed.
The special this week at the Farmers Market is a perennial, Sedum Lidakense.  Compact, low mounds of tightly grouped blue-gray foliage with purple tinges along the edges.  Clusters of starry pink flowers in late summer, maturing to carmine-red.  Excellent rock garden addition.  Potted in gallon containers, regular price $8.00, this week Saturday and Sunday, $6.00.

Sedum Lidakense

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