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Thursday, June 9, 2011

First vegetables of the year.

Available at the market this Saturday will be spinach, lettuce, radish, onions and mint (for the start of mojito season).  The first vegetables of the season for Mistik Acres.  We have a good selection of perennials available, tomatoes, peppers and a few annuals.  We have another special this week in the plant department, which is the Crocosmia.  It is an annual grown from a corm, hardy to zone 5, so needs to be treated just like a gladiola corm.  We sell them planted in groups of 3 in a six inch pot.  They have been hardened off to the outdoors, so ready to be planted in the garden, flower beds or in a pot.  This weekend they are $5.00, regular price $7.00.  Below is a picture of the Crocosmia.

We have been busy this week transplanting the annual vegetables and flowers.  Planted about 100 dahlia's, (about another 100 to plant), amaranthus, perennials, lots of sunflowers, onions and more.  Not too much extra time to write this week so will keep the post short.  Hope to see you at the market.

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