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Monday, February 24, 2014

September Wedding

The rich colours of autumn.
The bride and groom really wanted to use locally grown flowers for their wedding and had originally planned the wedding date much later in September.  When they realized the likelihood of not having frost before their wedding day, they decided to adjust the date to earlier in September.  Even the second week in September is pushing the limits of frost, but the first part of September was warm and all worked out great.
Heather really liked the rich burgundy's and oranges.

The grooms bout consisted of Gomphrena, Bottlebrush, Sage and Frosted Explosion grass.

Heather chose Dahlias as the focal flower for her bouquet along with Bottlebrush, Sage and Frosted Explosion.

The white Dahlias and Sage soften the colours.

The bridesmaids bouquets were smaller with Dahlias, Sage, Bottlebrush, Cherry Brandy Rudbeckia and Frosted Explosion grass.

We enjoyed touring the gardens with Heather and her family.

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