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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Patiently waiting

The weather outside is frightfully cold this winter and we are patiently waiting for warmer temperatures.  Our seeds are ordered and they are continually arriving via Canada Post.  Trying several new seed suppliers this year.  I have noticed that more and more of the Canadian seed suppliers are not offering as many seeds for cut flowers this year which has me sourcing from companies based in the United States.  I have been enjoying going through their catalogues as there are so many types of cut flowers we have not tried yet.  I am afraid I have created a lot of work for myself in the next couple of months starting all these new seeds and then the task of transplanting.  But the anticipation of new varieties of cut flowers never bores me.  I am so excited for the 2014 growing season.

Found a new source of Sweet Peas.  The packaging really showcases the glory of these fragrant beauties.

Johnny's has been a seed source for me for many years now.  Their selection and quality of seeds is excellent.  Something new we are trying this year is staking some of our flowers using horizontal netting.  Will elaborate on how it works later in the season.

Every year I try to order at least one new book and this year I could not resist a couple.  (I also have another one in my sites that I plan on getting my hands on.)  Bella's Bouquets is a photo book of hand held bouquets using flowers throughout the seasons.  The photography is excellent but a lot of the bouquets are using flowers we cannot grow here.  
The Flower Recipe book explains how to use various vessels to arrange your flowers and the types of flowers to use and how to arrange them in the vessel.  The Flower Recipe book will be used a lot more as it utilizes a lot of flowers that we can grow here in Saskatchewan.

Another first for us this year is becoming members of the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers.  Members are from around the world with the majority growing in the United States.  Cut flower growing is a much bigger industry in the United States than in Canada.  The Association is proving to be a wealth of information regarding cut flower trials, seeding, harvesting, post harvest and everything flower growing.  Using these cold winter days to research as much as I can about flower farming.

We have also been busy with inquires from soon to be brides for the upcoming summer months.  Lots of interest in local flowers as well as many brides and grooms wanting to support local in every aspect they can, on their wedding day.  Sure do appreciate their determination as it certainly takes a lot more research and time on their part to source a fully local wedding. 

July, August and September (till freeze up) are the months we can supply wedding flowers.  If you are interested in local flowers for your wedding check out our facebook page at www. facebook.com/mistikacres.  On the page we have created albums of weddings we arranged flowers for as well as albums of Do it Yourself brides.  Lots of ideas and flower variety.  We grow at least 150 varieties of flowers, grasses and herbs, so lots of selection available.

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