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Monday, March 24, 2014

Happy Spring!

It feels a little more like Christmas here today than Spring.  For a couple of reasons, one being that the wind is howling and very cold today, and second we received another of our plant/tuber/bulb orders today.  So much fun opening the boxes and checking everything out.  We have one more box from this order yet to come.  Seems it was separated from the rest of the order.

Ice Cube Dahlia's

More Dahlias and Ranunculus

Lily bulbs and Dahlia tubers

Gloriosa Lily tubers and Wizard of Oz Dahlia's

The order also consisted of three different types of grasses along with Ranunculus corms and Achillea roots.
We have been busy the last few weeks, seeding and caring for the young seedlings.

Leonitis plants.  These are growing rapidly and had to pinch them way back to get them to slow down a bit.  New plant for us this year and looks like I started them much too early.

Stock seedlings are doing great.  Two new varieties I am trying.

Jasmine vine.  Another new plant for us this year.

Dahlia tubers sprouting.

Busy times ahead.

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