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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Flower cutting frenzy.

The beginning of September is once again proving to be a busy time.  Along with the vegetable harvesting, the flower harvesting really kicks into gear and we go strong from now till freeze up.  The florists are very busy, which makes us very busy and we are also supplying flowers for a few local weddings in September, which is fun.  Today we had a bride-to-be stop at the farm and she picked sunflowers for her wedding this weekend.    
Frost could arrive any day, so we will make the best of it while we can.  Most of the birds are hanging around the area yet, so that may be an indication of warm weather continuing.
The tomatoes are ripening quickly and we pick a good pail full every day.  If we leave the tomatoes on the vine too long when they are ripe, we then have to share them with the gophers and squirrels.  They also enjoy tasting vine ripened tomatoes.
If you are planning on planting perennials in the fall, you should complete the task by the end of September.  This way the roots have time to get settled into the soil before the ground freezes.
Happy harvesting.

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