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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Another milestone.

This is the 100th post for us and we wanted to thank everyone for checking in from time to time to read about what is happening at Mistik Acres.  Hope you will continue to visit our blog.
Can you believe this weather????  I am sure you are all thinking this same phrase.  What a fantastic week it has been.  The plants are quite enjoying the warm weather we have been having.  We are making sure they are well watered and they are rewarding us with blooms and vegetables.  We have already received a slight touch of frost in some areas of a couple of the gardens.  Nothing to kill the plants or prevent them from producing their blooms or vegetables.  Will keep our fingers crossed for warm nights for the next few weeks.

We had a celebration of harvest with many of our family members at the farm this past weekend.  Everyone had a tour of the gardens and then enjoyed a meal of harvested vegetables from the garden.  The rest of the week has been one of our busiest weeks, in regards to flower harvesting, so far this year.  We delivered flowers to the city florists twice this week and also supplied dahlias to a bride to be this week.  Today I harvested flowers and put together 39 bouquets for table centerpieces for another wedding in Regina.  Tomorrow we start all over again in preparation for the Farmer's Market on Saturday.  All the flowers are still going strong, responding to cutting and sending out new blooms for us to harvest.
With this warm weather the garlic and onions have dried quickly.  We have cleaned them up and they are ready for sales and winter storage.  We continue to harvest  lots of tomatoes, bumper crop this year.  We will have ripe tomatoes available at the Farmer's Market this Saturday along with horseradish root.  We will wait for cooler temperatures before we make prepared horseradish.

We will have a large assortment of ready made bouquets along with our vegetables this weekend at the Farmer's Market.  We are once again offering our succulents, buy one get one free.  We have been selling lots every week, but will continue to offer the sale till they are all gone.
Enjoy the wonderful weather.

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