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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Harvest time.

Garlic drying.

The garlic was harvested this week and it is a bumper crop.  The cloves are large and well formed and the potency of the garlic is very strong.  We will allow it to dry for a couple of weeks before we will offer it for sale.
The onions were also harvested and the crop looks very good.  These will take a little longer to dry than the garlic.

With the hot sunny weather lately all the tomatoes and cucumbers are really producing.  The tomatoes are ripening rapidly and we have started to can what we will need for the winter.  After the canned tomato stocks have been replenished we will start to make tomato sauce and then salsa.  We plan on having our salsa available for purchase, so watch for further updates.  Today Pat dug the first batch of horseradish and as I write he is busy (in the garage, as you require plenty of ventilation) chopping the root to make our first batch of prepared horseradish.  If all goes well we will have a fresh batch available this Saturday at the Farmer's Market.  In any case, if you are only needing the root we will have it available this weekend.

Nasturtiums, showing all their brilliant colours.

This weekend we will have an array of flowers available once again.  Create your own bouquet or choose from a huge selection of ready made bouquets.  Sunflowers and more sunflowers of all sizes.  Leeks will be plentiful this weekend along with Cherry Sunsugar tomatoes, (small, yellow and bursting with flavour), beets, carrots, squash and dried herbs.

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