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Friday, July 15, 2011

Timely rains.

The volunteer Rudbeckia patch in the rock garden.

We have been so fortunate this past week, with the rain we have been receiving.  Earlier this week we received a half inch and today we received an inch and three quarters.  We were in Saskatoon this morning delivering flowers and it was raining pretty heavy along the route into town, but had not started at the farm yet.  When we got home the rain gauge showed  1 & 3/4 inch.  Looks like it came down pretty heavy as some of the delphinium's were laying on their sides.
We were in the pea patch with our grandchildren this week and the peas are starting to plump up.  Jeremy our youngest, 2yrs old, really enjoyed them.  His reaction after tasting the peas was "mmmmmm juicy".  Kristan was keeping herself busy catching the frogs and playing with them.  She entertains herself for hours with the frogs.
We harvested a few gallons of Saskatoon berries from our shrubs along the tree line by our house yesterday.  We will continue the harvest as they ripen.  This is the first year we have been able to pick from these shrubs as usually they are not real plentiful.  Besides, the birds have always eaten them all, but this year there is enough to share amongst all of us.
A couple of posts ago I had a picture of a perennial that I could not identify,.  Last Saturday at the market one of our customers identified it as Giant Scabiosa.  I really like the flowers for cutting, as the stems are wiry and tall and a beautiful lemon yellow.
We are anticipating a busy week next week with the lily harvest.  If the weather warms up they will all start blooming.  The picture to the left is a lily called Raspberry on Whip.  There are more and more flowers available for cutting and more and more vegetables ready to harvest.  This week at the market we will have new potatoes, beets and beet greens, onions, garlic scapes and the fresh herbs.  The fresh flower table will include lilies, delphiniums, dahlias, and the small and large bouquets.  The hypertufa planters will be on display and the perennial selection is plentiful.

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