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Friday, May 19, 2017

The days are lengthening and the ticks are back in full force.  The mosquito's have not returned as of yet but I am sure they will be here soon.  Most of the birds are back.  Caught a glimpse of he Baltimore Oriole the other day.  They are so shy and hardly ever allow us to see them.We have a pair of owls nesting in our valley again and the baby is often squawking letting the parents know of being hungry.  

We are finally able to plant out a few more things.  The weather was wet and cool so we are delayed this year.  The hoophouse above is full of plants waiting to be planted as opposed to flowers being planted in it.  The Tulip season is almost complete.  We have a few Charming Beauty's yet to be harvested.  There definitely were more disadvantages as opposed to advantages again this year in tulip growing.We will have to weigh the pros and cons and make a decision whether we will grow them again next year.

Mulching our newly transplanted babies.

We are at the Saskatoon Farmers Market this weekend, Saturday and Sunday with lots of green plants.  We have over 40 varieties of Dahlia plants again this year and shade and sun loving perennials.  Anemone and Ranunculus along with our assortment of succulents.  The succulents are sold singly or in decorative containers along with a few hypertufa planters again this year.

The tomato plants are stocky and healthy.  We have a few extra Black Krim tomatoes we will be sharing along with our Jalapeno and Cayenne pepper plants.  Cucumber, zucchini and spaghetti squash also available.

Perennials potted up for sales at the Saskatoon Farmers Market.

Black Hero Tulip.  One of the specialty tulips we grew this year.

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