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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Photos of Maui.

We headed off to Maui, Hawaii in November and stayed for a few weeks.  We had a great time exploring the beaches, inland and the Haleakala crater, highest elevation on the island.  From the pictures I chose to post you can get an idea of what I enjoyed the most. There were flowers EVERYWHERE.  The sights and smells were intoxicating.  We visited three of the four botanical gardens on the island and hiked along paths throughout the forests and along the coasts.  The weather was fabulous and we came home rested and feeling great.

Flower Lei

Blue Jade vine.  These flowers were fabulous.

Painted Gum Eucalyptus
These trees were everywhere and very fascinating.  The colours were unbelievable.

Not sure what these were.


Don`t know what these are either, but assuming a fruit of some kind.


Type of Agave, I believe.

Of course the ocean.  

The coast and ocean were spectacular.  Lots of turtles swimming around the rocks eating the green foliage growing on the rocks.   Our daily beach walks were often highlighted with glimpses of the turtles.  The Humpback Whales were starting to arrive in the area to give birth and mate, so we were fortunate to see several sightings.  If you have the opportunity to visit, go for it.

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