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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

July Wedding

The snow is here to stay (or so it seems) so it is now time to get into the winter slowdown and start relaxing for a month or two.  We have been busy putting together our plant wish list and we are super excited to see all the new blooms we will have this summer, along with the tried and true workhorses that never disappoint. The seed catalogues seem to take take forever to arrive and we have only received a couple so far.  Hope there will be lots of new varieties of cut flowers available.

We had a great day at the Collectively Green Holiday Sale on Saturday.  Thanks to everyone whom came out and supported everyone participating.  Enjoy the bird houses and bird feeders Pat created for the sale.  Hope they bring you countless hours of enjoyment observing the birds.

The following pictures are of Keltie and Joshua`s wedding.  The flowers traveled to Yorkton at the end of July.  Photos were all taken by Tracy Keretesh, unless otherwise noted.  Thanks again Keltie and Joshua for supporting local and your positive comments.  Glad you enjoyed the flowers.  We had fun creating them for you.

Photo taken by Mandy Maier

This is my favourite.

Beautiful ladies.

Bouts and corsages.
Photo taken by Mistik Acres.

Photo taken by Misitk Acres

All the flowers ready for delivery.
Photo taken by Mistik Acres.

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