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Friday, June 1, 2012

Saskatoon Farmers Market

Unusual items available at the market this weekend at our booth.

Funky plant containers.

Herb Planter.

We also have fresh flower bouquets available made with Freesia, Lilacs and Trollius.

Times are very busy right now as we have started transplanting into the gardens, gambling on the long range forecast, predicting the lows to be well above freezing.  Usually we only start at the first week of June so a few days ahead this year.  The soil is nice and moist and the flower and vegetable seeds are all starting to germinate.  We have been feasting on fresh radishes and onions and tonight we had our first lettuce salad from our garden.  
No Robin antics to post about this week as they are busy building their nest in the trees.  Sure hope it works out well for them.  I came across a Sparrow nest on the ground in our rock garden, under a perennial leaf, with two eggs in it.  We have identified a Cat Bird in the yard, which has a very lovely song.  It was here last summer as well but we did not get many good looks at it, as they seem to stay in the trees when we are out and about.  The song always intrigued us and we thought it was the Baltimore Oriole, but this week the Catbird was perched in a tree singing away, where it was visible to us.  So out came the bird book right away.  Later in the day we saw & heard the Oriole, and their song is different.  Similar but different.
We enjoyed an early morning view of a mother moose and her baby wandering around the front of our property this week.  Such impressive creatures.

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