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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Robin Antics


We believe we have Mr./Mrs. Stubborn Robin back this year.  If you recall the posts from last Spring about the Robin whom was determined to build his/her nest on the top of our back tire on the truck.  Eventually we had to park the truck in the garage so it would find a new site for nest building.  Anyway this year it decided to build it's nest on top of the propane tank of the barbecue.  One day last week Pat barbecued, and the next morning a nest was built right on top of the propane tank.  We dismantled the nest, but felt sorry for the bird when it came back to the location with nest building material in his mouth, and no nest to be found.  It hopped on the barbecue looking around, and then on the ground and then back on the barbecue and so on.  Within a few days it decided that the eavestrough right over our front door would be a good location.  Again we cleaned out the nest building material.  As of today, it has not attempted another location close to humans, but there's always tomorrow.

This week we are receiving a good soaking of rain, which also allows us a breather to do other chores around the area.  We planted some of the new perennials for cutting on Monday, so they will settle in nice with the rain.  We have been having busy days at the Farmer's Market.  We have ten varieties of tomato plants along with three types of green peppers and several hot peppers.  The vegetable plants include celery, summer squash, winter squash, cucumbers, and pumpkins.   Several new annual plants, including Cerinthe (Pride of Gibralta), Fireworks Grass, Passion Flower vine, Castor Beans (red and green), Rudbeckia, Sweet Peas, ten different colours of Dahlias.  Lots of new perennials and the old favorites, culinary herbs, Hydrangea, Oso Easy Rose bush, and three types of shrubs.  Lots of selection, but never enough room on our market tables.

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