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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Seeding underway.

The seedlings are starting to appear, a few days after they were planted.  We will be continuously seeding as the weeks go by.  We sort our seed packages into groups of time frames.  Some seeds need to be started 8-10 weeks before planting, some 6-8 weeks, some 2 weeks and so on.  By sorting the packages, all seeds are started at the time intervals that are needed for transplanting into the gardens.
Castor Beans (my favorite)

 Hydrangea a. Invincibelle Spirit

The picture above is a new Hydrangea we will be offering for Spring sales.  It is hardy and as adaptable as the Annabelle, but produces loads of hot pink flowers from early summer to frost.  Dark pink buds open to hot pink flowers which then turn soft pink as they mature, finally changing to green at the end of their life cycle.  Deadheading not necessary.  Grows to 36-48" and spreads 36-48" with a mounding habit.  Blooms on new wood and requires full to part sun.  Hardy to Zone 3 and is an excellent cut flower.  May be pruned back in late winter to encourage strong new growth and blooming.  Adaptable to most, moist well drained soils.  Bloom colour is not affected by soil pH.

Rosa 'ChewperAdventure'  

The picture above is called Mango Salsa from the Oso Easy Series, another shrub available at the Saskatoon Farmer's Market in May.  The Oso Easy Series of roses are the results of years of searching and testing to produce a rose that grows like any other shrub and doesn't require any pesticides to keep it in prime condition.  These new developments bring disease and pest resistance together with great cold hardiness to provide the perfect rose for the Prairies.  The blooms are shades of ruby red grapefruit and summer sunsets.  They bloom on new wood starting mid summer and continue into fall.  The plant height is 24-36" tall with a mounded habit.  They require full sun and average water needs.  Hardy to Zone 3. 

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