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Sunday, February 19, 2012

New shrubs.

The seed orders have all arrived now and we will begin planting this week.  We have a lot of varieties that are tried and true, but we also are trying many new varieties.  Some flowers are great for cutting, others are for growing in decorative pots.
For the next couple of months we will be showcasing perennials and shrubs that we will have available for sales this Spring.  Today we will begin with a couple of shrubs.

Physocarpus opulifolius 'Seward' 

The above picture is a SummerWine Ninebark.  SummerWine is an ninebark cultivar that is noted for its deeply cut, wine red foliage and its dense, free-branching, mounded growth habit.  It is the result of a cross between P.opulifolius 'Nanus' (seed parent) and P.opulifolius 'Diablo' (pollen parent).  It typically grows 4-6' tall and as wide, but, unlike the species, is noted for retaining compact form. It prefers full sun to partial shade.  The white blooms appear late Spring.  Foliage color tends to green up in hot summer climates as the summer progresses.  Ninebark is named for its exfoliating bark (on mature branches) which peels in strips to reveal several layers of reddish to light brown inner bark.  Bark provides winter interest but is usually hidden by the foliage during the growing season.  Hardy to Zone 3.

Berberis thunbergii 'Concorde'

Concorde is a small variety Barberry, standing about 18 inches tall.  Concorde has a rounded shape with deep burgundy purple foliage that turns reddish in fall.  A clipping in early Spring after blooming keeps Concorde growth dense and rounded.  Although they do produce yellow flowers in early Spring, the flowers are not very showy.  They tolerate full sun to partial shade, although foliage colour is always more intense in full sun.  Barberries do well as a focal point or make great sheared hedges.  All the Barberries have sharp thorns, so be careful when moving, pruning or weeding around them.  Pruning can be done at almost any time.  Hardy to Zone 3.

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