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Monday, December 12, 2011

Choosing the Christmas Tree.

 This year we decided to visit Ravine Ridge Trees to pick out and cut down a Christmas tree for the 2011 celebrations.  They are located east of Cudworth, and run a tree farm on their property.  Once we arrived at the farm we hopped on the sleigh which was pulled by two magnificent horses and were taken to the area where the trees were growing.

After being dropped off by the horse and sleigh we wandered around and took a look at the trees available for cutting for the 2011 season.  All the trees were $50.00.  They were all approximately the same height, some being quite large around and others were a bit leaner.  All in all the selection was great.  They all looked healthy and vigorous.  

Rows of trees available to be cut.

We decided on a tree that was approximately 5.5' tall and not too fat but not too lean around.  They provide a hand saw to cut the tree, so once we had picked out the one we liked, we started to make the cut.  Took a good fifteen minutes to get through the trunk  

Then we hauled it back to the yard and stepped into their office which was a round grainery, converted into an office.  They had Christmas music playing and heaters in the office to warm our fingers and many wreaths on display, made by the owners, from the discarded branches.  There was a bonfire burning in the yard where you could roast wieners and we were also offered hot chocolate.  When we arrived home we gave it a fresh straight cut and brought the tree into the house and set it up in the tree stand with water.  Immediately the house filled with the aroma of pine.

Our beautiful tree!
At this time we have the lights strung on the tree but the decorations will be added at a later date.  We will probably wait until out two oldest grandchildren are visiting next week so they can help us hang the ornaments.  If you ever have the opportunity to cut your own Christmas tree, I strongly recommend that you make the effort to do so.

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