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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Recycling and Karma Dahlias.

This week we submitted our plant stock orders for the 2012 growing season.  We have ordered some new plant stock and some previously grown reliable plant stock.   Will go into more details in the coming months about the new selections we will have available this Spring.  The Karma dahlia's will once again be available this year.  We had many people stop by at the market to tell us about how well their Dahlia's performed for them.  I have always had nothing but the highest praise for these workhorses, as each and every year I have been growing them, they have produced an abundance of beautiful cut flowers.  Fred Gloeckner has developed an orange Karma dahlia, but I have not been able to secure a Canadian wholesaler that carries this as of yet.  I am hoping that it will be available to Canadians in 2013.

I have come across a few tidbits of information regarding keeping the environment in mind this holiday season.  If every family in Canada wrapped three presents with reused paper or cloth gift bags we would save enough paper to cover 45,000 hockey rinks.  So let's get creative with our Christmas wrapping, such as using cloth gift bags or using a bathroom towel or kitchen towel as wrapping paper.  Use empty cereal boxes and decorate with cutouts of  last years Christmas cards or make colourful snowflakes and paste them on the boxes.  Recycle bows, ribbons, gift bags and paper from last years festivities.  Send e-cards to family and friends with an e-mail account.  When needing to replace Christmas tree lights, consider LED lights.  Purchase a Saskatchewan grown Christmas tree.  Consider taking a drive to a Christmas tree farm and purchasing directly from the grower. Whatever you decide to incorporate into your plans, you will be making a positive impact on our environment.

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