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Friday, October 28, 2011

Fantastic Fall

Wow, what a fantastic fall we are experiencing.  Sunny, warm daytime temperatures along with nights that dip just below zero, but not too far below.  Can't really ask for anything more than that at this time of year.  The gardens have been mulched, tilled and are ready for Spring.  Planted a few types of seeds that will survive the winter temperatures, to get a early start on some vegetables, such as radish, spinach and lettuce.  Planted Bell's of Ireland and Buplerum seeds as well, for the earlier harvest.
Dug and prepared the last batch of horseradish root for the year.  Stop in at the Saskatoon Farmer's Market and pick up a jar or two as it won't last long.  We are heading out to the bush to harvest Red Willow and Dogwood stems for Fall and Christmas decorating.  They will be available by the stem or bunch.  They look great in your outdoor fall displays.
Pat has been busy making barnboard bird feeders and bird houses this past week.  They will be available at the market Saturday.
I have now received all of the plant catalogues from the various suppliers and have been deciding what to order for our plant stock sales for 2012.  There are lots of unique and interesting options, so we have been taking a closer look at individual plants and researching hardiness for our zone.  We are going to have available the Red Rhubarb for 2012, as we had many requests for it after we were sold out of our 2011 stock.  I will profile the various plants we will have for 2012 sales in future postings.
Happy Halloween!

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