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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Busy week.

This past week we accomplished a lot of fall/spring chores.  We planted just over 1100 garlic cloves a few days ago, almost tripling what we planted last year.  The reason we increased the quantity is, that we always sell out of garlic within a month of harvest, so hopefully next fall we can stretch the garlic supply over a couple of months.  We came across some well aged sheep manure, so we hauled eight truckloads and spread it throughout the gardens, before the rain came on Friday.  This past week we hauled three truckloads of alfalfa bales.  We incorporated some of it into the soil and we will use the rest for mulch next growing season.  We moved a lot of perennials this past week, and shredded the garden plant material and tilled all the gardens.  It was a very productive week, the weather was wonderful and we received an inch of rain on Friday to settle everything into the soil.
We are planning on attending the Saskatoon Farmer's Market till mid December this year.  We continue to have a lot of ripe tomatoes, yellow onions, leeks, carrots, dried herbs, frozen raspberries, succulents and dried wheat and flower arrangements.
Some of our customers have been stopping by the last couple of weeks at the market to tell us their dahlias, they purchased from us in the Spring, are still blooming.  So envious, sure wish all of ours hadn't froze.

Enjoy Thanksgiving!

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