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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Spring at the farm.

Time seems to be passing by quicker every day it gets warmer.  Before you know it it is nightfall again and another beautiful day has passed.  There have been a lot of beautiful days lately and we are taking full advantage.  Seeding is in full swing and many of the crops of vegetables and flowers has been planted.  Some of the vegetables are into their 2nd and 3rd plantings.  We will wait until the last week in May and first week in June to start transplanting the frost tender plants.
To continue on with the Robin story from the previous post, we finally had to park the car in the garage to encourage the Robins to find another host for it's nest.  So then they decided the water truck would be a good choice, so now they have to move with the truck as it gets driven and parked in different locations.  More and more birds that we have not seen before are stopping on their way to somewhere else.  We seen the Orioles this week and Mr. Hummingbird arrived back this week.  No sign of Ms Hummingbird yet.
We are going to have the largest selection of perennials we have ever had at the market this Saturday.  We will also have many annuals and vegetables, such as celery and zucchini and squash along with Tomatoes and Peppers.
This week we are offering a couple of specials.  The Dahlias are available for $7.00 and the Sweet Peas are $2.00.
Happy planting.

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