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Friday, May 13, 2011

Dahlia selection for 2011.

We listed below the different Dahlia's we have available this year.  They are all great for cutting for beautiful bouquets.  Pot them up on your deck or plant them in your flower or vegetable garden.  

Naomi is my absolute favorite dahlia of all the dahlia's we grow.  It is in the Karma series which was developed for the cut industry.  It has deep red flowers on very tall, sturdy stems.  Long vase life and grows to about 48" tall.  A real show stopper.

Fuschsiana is in the Karma series, so an excellent cut flower with a long vase life.  It is a fuchsia pink with gold highlights.  Flowers are about 5" in diameter and grows to 36".

Bob Bini
Another variety in the Karma series.  Flame red with yellow bursting from the centre and the flower size is about 6" with a long vase life.  Height is about 35-40" tall.

Salmon orange with a soft yellow heart.  Included in the Karma series, with cactus shaped petals which are about 5" in diameter.  Excellent cut flower and grows to 36".

Yin Yang
Reddish purple flowers with small white tips.  Included in the Karma series, good cut flower, flower diameter 6".  Long vase life.  Height 36".

Thomas A. Edison
Rich velvet purple with flowers 6-8" in diameter.  This dahlia is in the Decorative series and grows to about 40". Good cut flower.

Purple-blue flowers of about 6" diameter.  Very floriferous.  Belongs to the Karma series and grows to about 32".

Fata Morgana
Belongs to the Bronze Leaf series, with orange flowers and bronze foliage.  Grows to 35".  

Another in the Karma series with extremely dark red flowers, 6" in diameter.  A real show stopper.  Excellent cut flowers and height of 38".

The plants have all been growing since March so will start producing flowers in July until freezing temperatures return.  When planting dig a hole twice as big as the root system and amend with compost/manure and bone meal.  Water once a week if it does not rain.  We fertilize the dahlias when they are actively flowering with a fish fertilizer and seaweed.  When we plant our dahlias, we put a tomato cage over the plant and as the plant grows the cage is covered by the foliage.  Be sure to cut your flowers often as they will continue to produce more and more flowers the more you cut them.  The cut flowers will last about 5-7 days in a vase.

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