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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Red globe!

Last night the sun was setting and it was a huge red globe...it was spectacular. Truly something we have to take the time to enjoy before it is gone. Update on the bat....it disappeared overnight, so hopefully it was able to recover from it's ordeal.

Things are progressing very well out here. All the plants are super sized from the great growing conditions, the flowers are all large and the colours vibrant. The Castor bean leaves have never been as large as they are this year. It is truly a wonderful place to hang out..and we do hang out alot, trying to control the growth of some plants and the weeds. Feel free to come out for a visit, we would be happy to give you a tour around the gardens. Contact us through the blog e-mail and we can set up a time.

We came across this info, which may be beneficial to you all, if we get some high temperatures.

Before you water a wilting plant - put your finger in the soil a few centimeters down to see if it is damp. Plants wilt because they are losing more moisture than they can pick up from their roots. If their is adequate soil moisture, adding more is not going to make it any easier for the plant to survive, in fact it is only going to make it harder. It's called soil saturation and this leads to root rot and more wilting.

If there is adequate soil moisture, the appropriate action is to take a deep breath and allow the plant to recover on it's own in the evening. A thick layer of mulch will help the soil temperature to stay cool during heat spells and this in turn will keep the plant healthier. This is also particularly true with container plants.

Enjoy the heat...if it comes. Hope it does because the tomatoes sure need a jolt.

The picture is a milk thistle.

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