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Friday, August 20, 2010

Delivery day.

As you can see the truck is always jam packed with buckets full of flowers, on delivery day. Generally most shops preorder some of the product, but there is always something new that was not preordered. When we stop at a flower shop we pull the flowers off the truck and they pick and chose what they want.

I was picking raspberries yesterday, and I heard this small, squeak, squeak, like a baby rodent or something. So, I slowly snuck toward the sound, until I saw what it was. What I saw was a garter snake and it looked like the sound was coming from the snake. But on closer inspection, it was not the snakes mouth opening and closing...the snake had a frog in it's mouth and the frog's mouth was opening and closing and making the squeaking sound. I guess we would squeak too, if we were being eaten by a snake. Nature.... it is always fascinating.
Today we are preparing for market once again. Harvesting flowers and vegetables. We are very pleased once again with the green pepper production this year. The peppers are a great size and they are so juicy and sweet. The plants are all producing with great gusto. The varieties we grow are, Northstar and Fat n' Sassy. Highly recommend both of these varieties. They are a variety good for northern climates and the last 2 growing seasons have produced large quantities.

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