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Thursday, July 1, 2010

The wall.

As we dig around the soil in the yard preparing new beds, we come across a lot of old tools and machinery and vehicle parts. So we decided that they should be displayed somehow to reflect the history of the people whom homesteaded here and decided on the shed. The picture today is the shed wall where the history is displayed.
The count of cut peonies in the cooler is at 550 stems right now. Probably have cut about 60% at this time. Will start delivering to the florist shops on Monday. Today we are taking fresh flowers into the city for a wedding that is taking place on Friday. We really enjoy being able to contribute to celebrations.
We had a storm Tuesday night with lots of lightning and wind. The wind damaged some of the delphiniums, but other than that everything weathered the storm fine. Received rain with it as well which was welcomed. Everything is looking so healthy.

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