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Friday, July 9, 2010

Lovely morning.

Woke up to another gorgeous day. The fog was lingering for a short time, before the sun burnt it off. The birds are busy singing and going about. Saw a close up of the dove this morning for the first time. The bluebirds by the field garden (whom produced 6 young) are busy incubating more eggs. Unbelievable!!! The tree swallows are all busy feeding their young. Looks like some young ones may have left the nest, as their is quite a few flying around.

An update on the peony count is now at 1200 stems and they are pretty much finished. A very successful year for those. Everything else is growing great. The dahlias are starting to produce. The sunflowers seem to grow a couple of inches a day. The tomatoes look fantastic and there is lots of fruit on. We will be checking the potatoes today...love new potatoes.

Now market day, Saturday July 10...we will have green onions, garlic scape's, beet greens, mint, dill, and cilantro. We will have peonies and a few other flowers (dahlias, snapdragons) and the perennials and hypertufas. Another full load. What are garlic scapes you ask....they are produced on the top of the garlic where bulbils are formed, the seed of the garlic. Before the bulbils form we harvest the scapes. The scapes are a gourmet delight...steam them whole or serve with melted butter like asparagus. Add to stir fries, salads etc. They have a delicate garlic flavour.
The picture today is a delphinium.
Did you know butterflies taste with their feet

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