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Friday, May 29, 2015

Spring update!

Spring is clipping along at breakneck speed.  Not enough time in the day to get all the tasks completed.  It has been frustrating lately as we have had to hold off transplanting anything frost sensitive due to the cold front that moved into the province yesterday and is hanging around for another day or two.  But we have focused on transplanting all the snapdragons, stock, dianthus, forget me nots, annual phlox, lupines, sweet peas, icelandic poppies and campunala. 

The anemone and ranunculus corms are all starting to grow.  We soaked them and covered them with mulch this week so now will patiently wait to see those lovely blooms.

All the birds are now back to the yard as well as the bats have taken up residence in the bat houses again.  Pat had to put up more houses for the Tree Swallows again this year so we are probably up to about 60 pairs of birds on our land.  

We are really looking forward  to this growing season as we have an extra pair of hands to assist us with the production of the flowers.  We would like to welcome Sara Kuleza to the farm.  She volunteered at the farm last year and was interested in helping us out this year on a regular basis. 

I had a telephone call from Edna Manning this morning to let me know that the article she wrote for Grainews about our flower farm has been published.  The link is below to read the article.   http://www.grainews.ca/digital-edition/grainews-  She always writes great articles.  Thanks again Edna.  We sure appreciate it.

The greenhouses are stuffed due to the cold temps last night.  Everything that was being hardened off was brought indoors.

Lilies are in crates this year.

The water truck.  Have had to haul a lot of water already this Spring.

A few of the Dahlia's starting to bloom.

The Clematis's we bought and planted last fall are growing like crazy.  I think we will be cutting those this summer.

Cafe au Lait Dahlia

Ice Cube Dahlia

Both of the above Dahlias will be available at the Saskatoon Farmers Market Saturday May 30th.  These two particular varieties will be on sale at 50% off.  Regular price is $10.00 each.  If you still have room in your garden come on down and pick yourself up a few plants.  We will also have a large selection of Dahlias at regular price as well.

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