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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Cortney and Adam July 2014

Cortney and Adam visited the farm less than a week prior to their wedding to finalize the flowers they wanted to include in their wedding.  Previous to that we had corresponded via a phone call and e-mails.  Cortney had sent me photos of what she had in mind of the colour scheme and the look she was hoping to create.  The peonies would be perfect.

All photo credits En Vogue Photography

Great photo of one of the bridesmaids. 

Adams bout, 
lisianthus, dusty miller, thyme, baby's breath and green chockecherry berries.


The bridesmaid bouquets consisted of white peonies, yarrow, allium, sage, green chockecherry berries and passion flower vine.

Cortney's bouquet included white and pink peonies, sage, scabiosa. ranunculus, allium, passion flower vine and green chockecherry berries.

Cortney added blue pins to her bouquet for something blue.

The table flowers were created by Cortney with flowers from Mistik Acres.

A few days after the wedding took place I received a wonderful e-mail from Cortney with a few photos of the wedding day.  Cortney's word's:
"I couldn't wait to give you a sneak peak and to tell you how much we loved the bouquets.  The photographers we had are super amazing and booked up every weekend.  They said that these are the nicest bouquets they have ever seen!!!!  I don't doubt it!  I had so many compliments on them and on the centrepiece flower's.  The picture of my bouquet in the vase is from the next day and it still looks like that!!  All I can say is wow and thank you so much for making our day beautiful!!"

Well needless to say this sure made my day.  What a wonderful compliment.  The following day I received another e-mail from Cortney with a picture of her bouquet and she said, "Here is one more from today!!  Still looks amazing!"

Photo credit Cortney!

Congratulations Cortney and Adam.  Thank you for choosing locally grown flowers!!!

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