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Monday, November 3, 2014

I do apologize for not posting regularly this summer.   It was a very intense whorl wind of sorts.  We had a very successful growing year.  Lots of firsts, including growing Dahlias's under cover, and hail damage, (of the ten years we have been growing, this was our first hail storm).  

Right now it is a white winter land with it snowing nicely.  The soil is warm at this time so it should eventually melt, I hope.  The moisture is very welcome. 

Posting photos of various corsages and bout's we created for this season's weddings.  

Lisianthus and peony buds.

Wrist and lapel corsages using stock, delphinium, peony, sage, sedum, allium.

Lisianthus, green chokecherry berries, allium, dusty miller.

Lisianthus, globe thistle, dusty miller.

Culinary sage, globe thistle, feverfew, billy ball, chamomile.

Poppy pods, gomphrena, lime millet, juncus grass, billy ball, wrapped with jute.

Feverfew, gomphrena, poppy pods, dusty miller, juncus grass, globe thistle, yarrow.

Sunflowers, feverfew, scabiosa.

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