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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Progression of Spring

Bbbbrrr pretty much sums up Spring so far.  
This has been the coldest of Springs we have yet to contend with.  Most of the perennials are behind schedule along with the Peonies, which are just starting to produce the flower buds.  Our last frost date this year was June 10th.  A couple of Dahlias were touched by the frost, but we came away lucky as we had quite a bit planted into the gardens.   We are not yet finished the transplanting.  Once the soil dries up after these showers it should take a couple more days to plant.

Plants in the cold frames yet to be planted.

Gloriosa lilies.
  Once planted the leaves curled themselves around the netting.

Dahlias planted in the gardens, mulched and supports in place.

Dahlias in the hoophouse.

Moveable chicken pens.

The chickens are enjoying the Dandelions and grass.

Bird watching area.

One of the bat houses now has a resident bat.  We set up the houses last year, but did not attract any bats.  We hope that a partner for the bat will find our farm and they raise a family.  We have noticed the mosquito population is greatly reduced this year.  Not sure if it is from predators or from the cold weather.
The Raven's were successful in raising their young thus far.  They are now out flying around the area with three young ones.  The young birds are so vocal and quite comedic in their antics.  We have not seen the young Magpies yet, but we sure hear them.  They have quite the ruckus going on.  We have two female Hummingbirds around the yard this summer, so am assuming they are both brooding right now.  They do not come around the feeders as much while they are sitting on the eggs.  With the huge bird population in the yard we have frequent visits from Falcons and small Hawks.  When we hear the increased chattering of the Tree Swallows we take a look into the sky and there is a bird of prey flying over the yard.  The Swallows gather together and swoop at the predator to chase it away, but often one of the birds falls victim.

I hope the weather warms up where you are gardening and you will soon be harvesting lots of fresh veggies.  Will share another update with you after we have completed transplanting, weeding and mulching.

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