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Monday, October 7, 2013

Fall already????

October already....we have been really behind in posts this summer.  It was an incredibly busy summer for us, but I did take photos throughout the summer of the blooms and wedding flowers etc., so will do a recap for next few months of what went on at the farm.
But as of now we are cleaning up the gardens.  Everything froze, or most everything, so we can start the cleanup, seed saving and bulb and tuber saving.  We are also processing the tomato crop into salsa, sauce, tomato jam and canned tomatoes.  The horseradish digging has also started and as I write Pat is at the sink peeling the horseradish root so he can grind it to pack in jars.

Had a great crop this year.  Will try again next year
and hope the weather will cooperate again.

Assorted bouquets for the market

More flowers for the market

Elk near the yard.  This is a rare sighting as we hardly ever see
them up close.

Love this photo!  The Delphinium harvest.
Along with Max the resident dog.

The birds have pretty much all left the farm now.  We have Northern Flickers, Robins, Doves, Hawks, and the birds that stay around all winter.  We have been taking daily bike rides to the slough about a mile from here with Max.  There is a pair of beavers that have taken up residence and we take a daily run to checkout what they are doing.  
We are at the Saskatoon Farmers Market this weekend and the tables will be overflowing once again.  There will be Horseradish, Salsa, made with ingredients grown on our soil, dried herbs, pumpkins, squash, hot peppers, dried flowers, a few succulents and thirteen different colours of Asiatic Lily bulbs that are ready for planting.  Fall is the best time of year for bulb planting. 

Dried flower bouquet

Cardoon bloom.  First year they have ever produced a bud and they have not succumbed to the frost.

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