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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Days are getting shorter.

It has been a flurry of activity the last couple of weeks.  We are cutting the flowers three times per week, delivering to flower shops twice a week and cutting for the market once per week.  We are also providing flowers for private requests, dinner parties, weddings etc.  I believe our flowers are playing a small part in brightening peoples lives in the area, be it through the flowers we sell at the Saskatoon Farmers market or arrangements created at the local florists we supply. 

Did you know...... The mere presence of flowers in a home can change a person's mood.  Behavioral research conducted at Harvard University shows that people are measurably less stressed and anxious when flowers are nearby.  So flowers are not only attractive, but healthy too.

This week we are getting the gardens back into shape, weeding, deadheading, pruning etc.  Lots of work as I think every weed seed in the ground has germinated this year.  The rains have been less frequent now and the mulch is keeping the soil damp.  We fertilized the dahlias again this week with the new organic fertilizer we are trying this year.  We are noticing a difference, so we may invest in this product again next year.  The home gardener can purchase their products at Early's Farm & Garden.  The name of the company is Orgunique or Bio Fert.  I believe the products sold to large operations are under the Bio Fert name and the home gardener products are sold with the Orgunique business name.  The website is www.orgunique.com.  They are based in British Columbia and they have a wide range of organic fertilizers and soil amendments.

We are hosting our first Flower Garden Tours this Sunday.  The times of the tours are 10:00am and 2:00pm Sunday Aug 19th.  We have always toured our family and friends around, but this is the first time we invited the general public.  Looking forward to sharing our gardens with other gardeners.

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