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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Echinacea and Daylily

Spring is definitely in the air, along with a multitude of Sandhill Cranes.  Our farm seems to be the flight path for their daily foraging routine.  At times the air is filled with the sound they make, must be upwards of a hundred to two hundred birds in the area.  I was watching them do their mating dance the other evening in a neighbor's field.  It was quite remarkable.  The Flickers are back now foraging on the ground in the yard.  Hope to see some of the other birds back this week.
The greenhouses are starting to fill up with Dahlias, peppers. annual flowers and perennials.  Will move the perennials outside this week to make room in the greenhouse for the tomatoes that we will be transplanting.  We were selling our plants at the Saskatoon Farmer's Market this Sat and the perennials were very popular.  The rhubarb plants were the most popular.  If you are wanting to purchase one this year, I would suggest to do it soon, as we will be sold out early.  The variety we are selling is Canada Red.
This week we will begin our planting regime.  Getting onions and peas in the ground along with Larkspur, Bells of Ireland and Buplerum.  I have been busy digging out perennials from my gardens for sales at the market.  Everything is showing new growth.  

A couple more perennials available at our booth at the Saskatoon Farmers market.

Echinacea Hot Summer

This coneflower is a unique colour combination, petals first emerge a golden-orange with reddish shaded tips, and as the flower matures the red intensifies until the whole flower turns deep red.  It provides a kaleidoscope of colour on one plant during the summer, excellent vigor with strong upright stems with good branching.  Grows to 36" tall, likes full to part sun.  Flowers are magnets for butterflies and are great for cutting.  They also claim to be deer proof or should I say deer resistant, as I do not think anything is deer proof if they are hungry enough.  Hardy to Zone 3-8.

 Hemerocallis South Seas

The South Seas Daylily is a strong grower with exceptional bud count.  Mid bloomer, 5.5" ruffled fragrant flowers, reblooms, semi-evergreen foliage, tetraploid.  Iridescent coral pink with a dark coral band.  Grows to 24", prefers full to part sun.  Hardy zone 3 to 8.  Flowers are great for cutting and hummingbirds and butterflies are attracted to them.

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