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Monday, March 28, 2011

Perennials for the shade.

We are showcasing a couple of new shade perennials we will have available in May. The first is a Brunnera (Heartleaf Alkanet), and the variety is Jack Frost. Beautiful woodland plant, preferring moist soils and plenty of humus, hardy to zone 3-8. Attractive forget-me-not type flowers blooming late spring and into early summer. Jack Frost has colourful frosty silver leaves accented by light green veins. Grows 12-15" tall and is deer and rabbit resistant. Tolerates part sun with adequate moisture.

Another perennial is the Ligularia (Ragwort), przewalskii. This perennial loves the moist shade, growing 48-60" tall. It has large arrowhead-shaped leaves with deeply cut edges, black stems, with tall spikes of bright yellow flowers. Will tolerate morning sun, but will wilt in the afternoon sun without adequate moisture. Deer resistant and hardy from zone 3-9. The leaves and flowers do well as cut flowers.
Both of these perennials, along many others will be available at our booth at the Saskatoon Farmer's Market, Wednesday and Saturday starting May 4.

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